Wool Processing

Echoview Fiber Mill Expert Wool Processing

The Echoview Fiber Mill is a wool processing center in Weaverville, North Carolina, ready to meet the needs of any fiber producer looking for the best quality products from their fiber. We offer:

• wool tumbling

• wool dehairing

• wool washing/scouring

• wool carding to rovings or batts

• wool spinning

• wool twisting/plying

• wool felting

• wool winding to skeins, cones, or balls

To get started on your wool processing order, simply call 855-MY-FIBER (855-693-4237) and speak with our customer service representative. Or, if you already know how you want your wool processed, you can download and print an order form and submit it directly to us along with your wool.

Award-winning Sustainable Wool Processing Facility

In 2012, Echoview Fiber Mill was awarded a coveted AIA NC Committee on the Environment (COTE) Award for its sustainable building design. That doesn’t just mean we used responsible practices, materials, and site preservation in construction; our wool processing facility takes full advantage of burgeoning alternative energy sources, technologies, and techniques to consume vastly less energy at every stage of wool processing.

By incorporating things like geothermal wells, rainwater collection, and photo-voltaic solar panels, Echoview Fiber Mill is taking the long view in reviving an industry that’s very nearly died out in North America. We don’t see Echoview Fiber Mill as merely providing a service—we see it as a restoration of the homesteading culture and making things like wool processing and fiber milling as relevant to communities again as local farming.

Our Own Pedigree of Wool Processing

Echoview Farm is part of our joint venture into sustainable farming and wool processing. At Echoview Farm, we raise crops to feed and raise our fleecy friends like alpacas and sheep, whose wool we then harvest for ourselves and process at Echoview Fiber Mill.

This whole process offers the highest degree of quality control over our end product, but it also means that everything we bring to our own wool processing (the expertise, the experience, the personal vested interest), we apply to every order that comes through our doors. We also use the independence that comes with operating on a “dirt to shirt” basis to fully pursue our environmental objectives.

The Best Wool Processing the World Has to Offer

Prior to opening our facility, Echoview Fiber Mill performed comprehensive research of wool processing technology. Today, we boast a somewhat eclectic array of machines from all over the world and all different eras. Each machine we selected for installation is one of the best (if not the best) machines ever in their respected step of wool processing. Powering these machines with less reliance on fossil fuels creates a new and ideal overlap of paradigms: the highest quality textiles made at the least expense to the planet.